9. listopadu 2008 v 13:09 | G.CHARLOTK(a)A

1.Misery (Album version)
2.Misery (Take 40 Live Lounge Version)

Dance floor anthen

9. listopadu 2008 v 13:07 | G.CHARLOTK(a)A

1.I dont wanna be in love (Dance floor anthen) (album version)
2.Keep your hands off my girl (brass knuckles remix)
3.The river (acoustic version)

The River

9. listopadu 2008 v 13:03 | G.CHARLOTK(a)A

1.The river

I Just Wanna Live

9. listopadu 2008 v 13:01 | G.CHARLOTK(a)A

1.I Just Wanna Live
2.S.O.S. (Live from sessions)
3.The world is black (Live from sessions)
BONUS:I Just Wanna Live(video)


9. listopadu 2008 v 12:58 | G.CHARLOTK(a)A

2.The chronicles of life and death(Acoustic)
3.The anthen(Abbey Road Session Version )
4.Hold on(Abbey Road Session Version )
BONUS:Predictable (video)

The young and the hopeless

9. listopadu 2008 v 12:52 | G.CHARLOTK(a)A
1.The young and the hopeless(album version)
2.Girl and Boys(Abbey Road Session Version )
3.Hold on(video)
4.The young and the hopeless(video)

Hold on

9. listopadu 2008 v 12:49 | G.CHARLOTK(a)A
1.Hold on
2.Girls and Boys(Abbey Road Session Version )
2.The story of my old man (Abbey Road Session Version )
BONUS:Hold on(video)+Gallery

The anthen

9. listopadu 2008 v 12:31 | G.CHARLOTK(a)A

1.The anthen(album version)
2.If you leave
3.the Motivation Proclamation(live acoustic version)
BONUS:The anthen (video)

Girls and Boys

9. listopadu 2008 v 12:25 | G.CHARLOTK(a)A

1.Girls and Boys(Album version)
2.Riot girl(acoustis version)
3.Lifestyles of the rich and famous (acoustis version)
4.The young and the hopeless (acoustis version)
BONUS:Girls and Boys(video)

Lifestyles of the rich and famous

9. listopadu 2008 v 12:18 | G.CHARLOTK(a)A

1.Lifestyles of the rich and famous
3.The click
4.Lifestyles of the rich and famous(live acoustic vercion)
BONUS:Lifestyles of the rich and famous(video)

Festival song

9. listopadu 2008 v 12:12 | G.CHARLOTK(a)A
1.Festival song

Motivation Proclamation

9. listopadu 2008 v 12:08 | G.CHARLOTK(a)A
1.Motivation Proclamation
2.If you leave(cover)
3.Let me go

Little Things

9. listopadu 2008 v 11:57 | G.CHARLOTK(a)A
1.Little things
2.The click
3.Thank you mom